East Biloxi residents frustrated with city contractor

East Biloxi residents frustrated with city contractor

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Residents in East Biloxi met Saturday afternoon to discuss their frustrations with the condition of their neighborhoods.

Oscar Renda, the city's contractor, began a massive infrastructure project in 2014. Nearly four years later, residents are dealing with street flooding, clogged drains, and damage to their vehicles.

Raquel Eason, with the East Biloxi Community Collaborative says Oscar Renda has flat-out been ignoring their concerns.

"The things they are destroying in our community. The roads, people's homes are being destroyed. People's lives are actually being turned around and being impacted worse than a natural disaster right now that we're going through. Our mental state - our emotional state - is at risk and we are not taking it lightly," said Eason.

Another thing residents aren't taking lightly is the rate at which the job is getting done. Many of the neighbors claim that there is inconsistency with the areas that are being repaired.

"The people don't see much work being done, especially on nice sunny days like we've been having this past week. One section, one area of the community is being worked on and the others are being left untouched. That leads to a lot of frustration," said Darrell Taylor, member of the East Biloxi Clergy Leadership Council.

Taylor says the meetings are a step in the right direction. Going forward, he believes the more people speak out and participate, the better chance the residents have at seeing progress.

"We want to make sure the entire community knows that there is an avenue to get their concerns heard and we can put them all together and we're not just talking," added Taylor.

The residents have another meeting planned for October.

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