Two tropical waves to watch in the Atlantic

Two tropical waves to watch in the Atlantic

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - The WLOX First Alert Weather Team continues to track two west-moving tropical waves in the Atlantic Ocean. They will both likely develop into tropical depressions or tropical storms by this weekend or next week, according to the National Hurricane Center on Thursday.

The larger of the two tropical waves, Invest 97L, was located just off of Africa's coast on Thursday. It has high chance to develop by this weekend due to favorable conditions in the short-term. However, by next week, conditions become unfavorable for development in 97L's path.

"97L has a brief window of opportunity to develop," said WLOX First Alert Meteorologist Wesley Williams. "But, it certainly looks impressive on satellite with a good deal of spin and plenty of deep thunderstorm activity wrapping around its circulation."

Tropical Wave 96L was located just to the west of 97L in the east Atlantic Ocean. It looked like an area of very disorganized thunderstorms on Thursday.

"While 96L has low odds to develop in the short-term, it has a longer window of opportunity and could possibly develop by some time next week," Williams said.

Tropical Storm Jose near the Bahamas remains no threat to the Gulf Coast region and is expected to drift northward between Bermuda and the U.S. east coast by next week.

"We'll be tracking 96L and 97L closely over the coming week as they move west in the Atlantic," said Williams. "The next names on the 2017 storm names list are Lee and Maria."

"It is far too early to tell exactly where these tropical waves will ultimately end up," Williams said on Thursday. "But, with the recent flare up of activity with Irma and Jose, it's without a doubt that all eyes will be on the tropics, letting no detail go unnoticed and letting nothing slip by. Even though there is no direct threat to the Gulf Coast from these developing tropical waves, we will be watching to see what happens."

Hurricane season ends on November 30th.

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