Update on lawsuits from deadly Biloxi train/bus crash

Update on lawsuits from deadly Biloxi train/bus crash

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - We have new information on the deadly train/bus collision in Biloxi earlier this year that killed four people. Unfortunately, you might need a law degree to comprehend the legal moves.

Tragedy on the Tracks: 4 dead after train hits charter bus

Let's start with Biloxi and a possible lawsuit it may file.  We just confirmed the city sent a 60-day letter late last month, alerting CSX and others to potential litigation.

We also have new details about lawsuits filed by passengers onboard the bus when a train smashed into it in March. Those cases are now combined into one federal case that's being argued in Gulfport.

We spoke with the lawyer representing those defendants Thursday morning. He told us they are fighting motions, trying to get the case moved back to state court in Dallas, TX. There's no word on when that could happen.

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