Shea Dobson opens up dialogue at 'Breakfast with the Mayor'

Shea Dobson opens up dialogue at 'Breakfast with the Mayor'

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Wednesday was the second Ocean Springs breakfast with the Mayor event with Shea Dobson.

With just a couple of months under his belt, he has a few more answers to the questions. But, he's prepared.

"My assistant was here, so, she was taking notes. Quite a few of the aldermen were taking notes, as well. So, I got a pocket full of business cards," said Dobson. "I want to be setting up even more meetings than I already have."

The approach is setting well, even for those who didn't vote for him.

"He runs a very casual and informal way, and allow even us citizens to ask questions and get answers," said resident John Hilton. "I did not vote for him, but he's mayor now and it's important that we all work together once we have an elected official."

Melanie Allen, a member of the chamber and the historic Ocean Springs Association, likes what she's seeing.

"I'm impressed with his attitude and his openness and is willing to take questions," Allen said. "I'm transitioning like everyone else from Mayor Moran to Mayor Dobson, and it's different. He has a different style, but it's a good meeting."

Dobson's top priorities include infrastructure and economic development. This week, he began entertaining ideas to boost the Economic Development Council.

"His leadership style is similar to many successful businessmen and that is that you surround yourself with good talented people, and then you lean on them," Scott LeBlanc said. "You empower them to make decisions, and that's exactly what he's doing."

The next breakfast will be in February.

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