Schools Hunting For Teachers To Fill Vacancies

(Jackson) -- Charles Lee traveled from Columbia to attend this year's teacher job fair in Jackson. A seasoned educator, he has been in the education field for more than 20 years.

"You simply can't get enough of qualified dedicated individuals who's sole purpose is to serve the children of this great state," Lee said.

The purpose of the job fair is to create a one stop shop by bring Mississippi's school districts and prospective teachers under one roof.

"Remember that Mississippi is a very rural district, and we have districts that are spread out all across the state," Daphne Buckley with the Mississippi Teacher Center said. "So it's beneficial for a prospective teacher who wants to talk to more than one district to come to a fair like this."

The fair is also important for the state because Mississippi is experiencing a critical teacher shortage. Of the nearly 200 people who'll attend, Mississippi has vacancies for just about all of them.

"At this time Mississippi is looking for critical shortage subject area needs, so we need special education teachers, math teachers, science teachers and foreign language teachers," Buckley said.

Teachers can also receive benefits from the state for teaching in critical need areas.