Paying it back: Long Beach helping areas impacted by Hurricane Irma

Paying it back: Long Beach helping areas impacted by Hurricane Irma

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - The city of Long Beach is now beginning a relief effort for people in the path of Hurricane Irma.

When the Mississippi Gulf Coast was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, communities in Florida stepped up to help in Long Beach's rebuilding effort.

"There were ten towns that partnered out of Florida that came here and helped us," said Long Beach Mayor George Bass. "Not only just that one time, but once a week they were coming over with supplies and sending personnel in here to help us."

Now Mayor George Bass thinks it's time to return the favor. He's working to identify some of the hardest hit areas and plans to send donated supplies and city employees to help. Before those supplies can be sent, they need to first be donated.

"I'm asking our citizens to reach down and remember the help we got, remember how we felt after Katrina," Bass said.

Supplies are being collected in Long Beach to help Hurricane Irma victims, but victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas haven't been forgotten. Bass would like to see supplies continue rolling in so needs can be met in both disaster areas.

"We're still going to be trying to do what we can," Bass said. "We're going to be waiting for Dickinson, Texas to reach back out to us and say can you help us with these supplies and these needs."

Places to drop off supplies are set up in the Long Beach Police and fire stations.

"I want our citizens who I know are very responsive to those in need to continue giving."

Items being requested at this time include baby items and formula, gift cards, cleaning supplies, water, Gatorade, toilet paper and paper towels, bug spray, hand sanitizer, first aid supplies, five-gallon buckets, and toiletries.

No clothing donations are being accepted.

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