Local Group Learns Healing Power Of Herbs

A small group gathered in the living room of Harmony House in Gulfport Sunday afternoon.

They meet on a monthly basis to learn more on nature's way of providing everything you may need when it comes to healthy living.

Dr. Gail Cotton says she recently reaped nature's benefits from an herbalist on a trip to Peru.

"She insisted that we take a large container of honey with us, and insisted that we eat a spoonful of honey everyday. Now you wonder what that has to do with herbs? But just think, honeybees go to all of the flowers, get the original essence from the flowers and she said this will keep you or help protect you from all kinds of allergies. And it did," said Dr. Cotton.

Dr. Cotton believes we all need lab-created medicine every once in a while, but there are also natural things we can use to assist in our well-being, especially with medicine becoming so costly.

Herb teacher Sandy King says before you try to kill those weeds growing in your yard, know that they may be of some benefit to your body.

"A great one is dandelion. It's a springtime herb, like right now, in the summer it is hard to find, but dandelion, the leaves are edible. The root is a very good liver tonic, and so it's a great source of potassium," said King.

She says the elderberry which grows on the sides of many roads is good for sinuses.

While the bark of the magnolia tree, she says, can help smokers who are trying to quit, by helping to withdraw nicotine out of the body.

So the saying may be true - nature's way could be the best way.

If you would like to find out more on the role natural herbs can play in your life, call 868-0008 for more information.