Local family sends aid to Harvey victims

Local family sends aid to Harvey victims

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - While Hurricane Irma is starting to cause devastation all over the Florida coast, one local family is still working to help with those affected by the storm's predecessor, Harvey. Sunday, the family left for Texas to drop off hundreds of supplies that can be used to help.

"There will be bread, meats, cookies, and different snack things," said New Life Disaster Relief Director Ken Wetzel.

Wetzel carefully loaded food and other supplies as he and his family, also known as New Life Disaster Relief, prepared to head to Texas to help those who are still feeling the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

"We're able to help the smaller communities on the outlines in Beaumont, Orange, Dickinson, and in Bridge City to move resources around," said Wetzel.

They'll be handing out hundreds of these supplies coming from "people that have compassionate, generous, obedient, and sacrificial hearts."

But, there's a deeper reason why the Wetzel family feels like they have to lend a helping hand to our friends in Texas. The family started New Life Disaster Relief when they received a new life after being rescued from Hurricane Katrina's wrath back in 2005.

"My wife and I committed to repaying some of the love that we had all received on the Gulf Coast," said Wetzel.

Now, they're doing what they can to make sure they pay it forward by working to help the victims of at least  two major national disasters a year.

"We received a lot of attention and help here on the coast, and we feel it's incumbent that we pay some of that back," said Wetzel.

New Life Disaster will also do what they can to help house evacuees. Wetzel said as soon as Irma passes through and damage is assessed, they'll work to help those affected by the storm.

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