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Irma barrels into Cuba; Still not expected to hit South Mississippi


As of 7:00 a.m. Saturday, Hurricane Irma had 130 mile per hour winds as it battered Cuba. By Sunday morning, forecasters expect it to strengthen to anywhere from a category four or category five hurricane. They also expect it to make a northerly turn early Sunday morning. At that point, people along the western side of Florida will be bracing for whatever punch this powerful hurricane throws.

So what does that mean for South Mississippi? WLOX First Alert meteorologist Eric Jeansonne says Mississippi’s coastline is not in the cone of uncertainty. And the track of Irma should not threaten this area. "Could it be a little breezy over South Mississippi?  Yes," Jeansonne said on Good Morning Mississippi Weekend. "We're not worried about anything like storm surge, or rain bands or anything like that."

As for the latest track of Irma, “It’s not until late tonight going into the day on Sunday that we expect that turn to the north,” Jeansonne said on Good Morning Mississippi Weekend.  “Once it goes over land, we’re going to see it weaken significantly.”

You might see a convoy of utility trucks from Kentucky parked in Biloxi this morning. The linemen spent several days in Texas helping Hurricane Harvey victims get power restored. Next, that crew will head to Florida to do the same thing. A team from Mississippi Power will also assist with power restoration efforts in Florida and Georgia once Irma passes.

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