PSC: Deadline passes, still no agreement over Kemper plant

PSC: Deadline passes, still no agreement over Kemper plant

JACKSON, MS (WLOX) - It has been two months since the Mississippi Public Service Commission ordered Mississippi Power to enter into settlement talks with all parties involved in the company's Kemper County power plant. No settlement has been reached by the Sept. 8 deadline, the PSC said.

A PSC spokesman said without a settlement, commissioners will discuss the matter in executive session at their Sept. 12 meeting.

Mississippi Power, a team of public utility staff members, and a group of interveners have been working over the past two months to reach a settlement, but have been unable to reach an agreement.

PSC, MS Power reach an impasse over Kemper settlement

Mississippi Power filed a proposal Aug. 21 that agreed to three terms requested by the PSC: No rate increases for customers, customers will not have to pay for costs related to the lignite portion of the power plant, and the Kemper facility will only operate on natural gas.

Utility staff members rejected the proposed agreement, but Mississippi Power says any further concessions would affect the company's ability to provide the same level of service to its customers it has provided in the past.

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