Tender loving care for animals in South Mississippi

Tender loving care for animals in South Mississippi

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A Harrison County woman is an animal lover who runs a farm where she cares for animals and does wildlife rescues. An array of animals call Live Oak Farm home. This is more of a refuge than it is a working farm.

Sherida Massa loves animals. Whenever she hears about creatures in need Sherida offers a place to stay.

"Things get left behind, and people call me and say, 'Someone left this animal. Can you take it?' Of course I'm going to take it. It's rewarding. It's who I am," said Massa:

Running the farm epitomizes the term labor of love. Massa has a full-time job, so she's up early in the morning and working until the sun goes down caring for the animals.

Massa calls Live Oak a work in progress, because she envisions turning this into an attraction for families. The farm is already partially open to the public, and plans are in play to expand the operation.

"I would love to have trail rides. We can get to the river through the back of our farm. I would love to have a children's area where I have minis so the kids can have mini horses, goats, and pigs. A mini farm that is child sized," Massa said.

There are hundreds of blueberry bushes at Live Oak Farm. Blueberry season runs for three weeks beginning June 1. During that time, people come out to the farm and pick their own berries.

You can go to Live Oak Farm's website to follow their progress. Sherida is an advocate dedicated to the well being of animals.

"I love them. I always say they don't have a voice. I am their voice. I will speak for them and speak loudly," said Massa.

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