Collection for Texas teaches students lesson about journalism

Collection for Texas teaches students lesson about journalism

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Harrison County schools have collected hundreds of items for a school district in Texas.

The lesson goes beyond just reporting a problem.

"When something happens around the South, my kids are the first to react," said broadcast journalism teacher Tiffani Pollard. "And I tell you that my journalism kids said, 'Ms. Pollard, what can we do? What can we do as a class? What can we do as a school? What can we do as a district?'"

The supply drive is for the Aldine Independent School District in Texas, and it involves students throughout the school district. Organized by the broadcast journalism class at West Harrison High School, teachers say it's a good lesson for young journalists to learn how to reach out to help their community.

The Aldine district came out OK from the storm, but many families of the 70,000 students were devastated. The collections included school supplies, books, hygiene products, and even pet food.

"We decided that seeing the hardship, we're going to combine together as a school district," said student Kaitlyn Payne. "We raised donations, we got money. So, we just kind of wanted to give back to the community, we want to help out. This is the best way we could do it."

The effort showed students that journalism isn't a profession that has to be practiced from the sidelines.

"My teacher, Ms. Pollard, teaches me to be better as myself, not just more as a writer," said Pickett. "You know, anybody can help."

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