North Bay Elementary celebrates Grandparents Day

North Bay Elementary celebrates Grandparents Day

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It was a huge day for families in Biloxi as North Bay Elementary celebrated Grandparents Day. Memories are being created at the school as this annual tradition continues.

Each year for more than a decade now, students have invited their grandparents to breakfast at North Bay Elementary, and the smiles and pictures don't stop.

The kids were full of pride as they brought their grandparents around for tours of their school. The grandparents are overjoyed with the opportunity.

"It's awesome. This is the hands-down the best school ever. They do a lot of stuff with families," said Debbie Boblett. "We're here having lunch with the kids and doing things all the time, and so we like being close to them and spending time together."

"It's an honor to be here and sharing their lives and being part of their lives, and we're so thankful for it," said Lynda Watts.

"We've come to every one, every one of the grandparents days, and we've come from Mandeville, LA, so we travel about an hour and 15 minutes to be here and be with them every year." Said Mildred Kyle.

The principal said she expects around 1,000 people to visit the school for this Grandparents Day. It's a tradition she says will continue for years to come.

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