South Mississippians Learn The Basics At Hurricane Preparedness Fair

Preparing for a Hurricane isn't child's play. But children of all ages were invited to play and learn more about preparing for such dangerous storms at the Safeside Hurricane Safety Fair.

"People need to be ready for it," says Hurricane Hunter Warren Madden. "Boarding up the house and worrying about where you're going to put the pet or do you have all the stuff packed that you need as a hurricane is six hours away from landfall is not the time to be doing it."

Several weekend Hurricane preparedness events like this have been canceled this season due ironically to the threat of approaching hurricanes.

But experts says with the historic activity of storms this season, it's never too late to educate those who live in their paths.

Organizers say the need for such information is vital, most especially for new coastal residents.

"You have people who've moved down from up north or out in the great planes, or out in the west where hurricanes are just something they read about in books," says Madden. "They really have no clue about what steps to take to get prepared."

And it's those resident, both the young and the young at heart, who are eager for some good advice for the uncertain months that lie ahead.