'She's on my side': Singer dedicates performance to her mother

'She's on my side': Singer dedicates performance to her mother

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A natural musical talent, Abigail Osteen got her first guitar when she was 12. She's been singing and writing music ever since, performing in festivals and on some of music's most legendary stages.

The inspiration for her music comes from her mother, Amy Prentiss.

"As soon as I started writing music, she was the one I would play my songs to," said Osteen.

But on September, 14 2015, Abigail's mother was taken away from her. Prentiss was found murdered in her Gautier home.

"She was the last person I expected to lose in my life, and whenever she passed away I had to grow up. I was only 19 and so I had to really grow up fast because she taught me all my life lessons and she taught me how to cope with different things, but she didn't teach me how to cope with losing her," said Osteen. "I've grown up a lot and I've learned that it doesn't get easier, but you learn how to deal with it and you learn how to cope and how to remember the happy times instead of the sad times."

Part of remembering those happy times is with music.

"We all remember her being there at my musical performances, and it's kind of a way for us all to remember her," the musician said.

But following the tragic loss, Abigail stepped away from stage. She only decided to perform again in the Gulf Coast Idol competition as a way to honor her mom for the two year anniversary of her death.

"I remember before I stepped out there on stage I was like, 'Alright Momma, you're with me now. I got this, I want to do this for you,' so I stepped out there and I hadn't felt that feeling of being out on stage in a long time and I love that feeling," said Osteen.

What made Abigail so comfortable on stage was her song selection - Stars by Grace Potter, dedicated to her mother.

"There's a line that says If I know you I know you've gone too far in the stars. I remember laughing when I sang that because I know her, she's definitely out there in the stars and I knew that song really related to my situation," said Osteen.

Abigail says she will continue performing for her mom - her hero - with dreams of playing on the biggest stages. It's a dream Abigail's mom believed in when the two would watch American Idol together.

"She would always say that's going to be you one day and she believed it for sure so I know I can do it because she's on my side," Osteen said.

Along with her mother serving as her musical inspiration, Abigail is also following in her mom's professional footsteps. She's in school to become a nurse; just like her mother.

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