Survey To Track Sinking Coastline

Concrete markers from decades ago will help determine how much the coast is sinking.

Kurt Shinkle is part of the National Geodetic Survey. He spent part of Friday morning uncovering a concrete and metal survey marker near WLOX-TV and the railroad tracks at DuBuys Road.

The benchmark is among dozens that were installed back in 1955. The markers are studied from time to time to help determine changes in elevation.

"If your elevation here is something around 20 feet and a large hurricane comes through the Gulf with a 20 foot storm surge, you want to know exactly where you are in relation to the coastline and the water level at the time of that storm so that you'll know whether the storm surge is going to get you, whether or not you'll be flooded," Shinkle said.

The elevation hasn't been updated since 1993. The USM Gulf Coast Research Lab is helping with the coastal survey project.