Harrison County students receive free healthy snacks

Harrison County students receive free healthy snacks

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Many students in Harrison County are now benefiting from a healthier diet thanks to a new grant awarded to the district.

The $80,000 grant is making better nutrition available for students in Harrison County. One of the schools getting some of this nutrition in the form of fruits and vegetable snacks is Crossroads Elementary in Gulfport.

The grant provides healthy snacks during the day when students are usually between meals.

According to school nurse, Kerra Cox, this is an important time in these students' lives.

"At the elementary age level, it's the best time to reach them for their habits on what's good to snack on," said Cox.

Teacher, Ranae Smiles, says this grant can go beyond the classroom.

"Hopefully they'll carry it on throughout their life," said Smiles. "They'll go home and share it with their families."

The snacks will alternate between fruits and veggies each day. For the students, it means more energy and for the teachers, it could mean more success in the classroom. Smiles already keeps the students active and having fun learning. She says this grant just ties into her mission.

"It's important for our kids to eat healthy because it fuels their mind and just gives them the energy to get up in the morning and be ready to start their day," said Smiles.

Many of the students at the schools qualify for free or reduced lunch, and this is just another way for the school to provide them with what they need to get through the day. Three schools in the Harrison County School District received the grant.

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