South Mississippians working on Labor Day

South Mississippians working on Labor Day

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - On Labor Day some people did what they do every Monday and went to work. When it comes to time off America doesn't actually require paid vacation days like many European countries do. Some folks we talked to said they're okay with that.

For these Biloxi firefighters, Labor Day is just another day on the job.

"When you join the fire department you realize that you've got to be there emergency don't take time off. So we've got to be their when it happens," said Biloxi firefighter William Suddeth.

If a holiday falls on their shift these first responders are on the job. But they say they don't mind. In the U-S. paid time off isn't mandatory. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012, 77 percent of Americans were lucky enough to have access to paid leave. But many European countries offer above-average paid leave.

"It's something a lot of larger companies can do and afford. Private businesses and small companies really can't afford all the paid time off," said owner of Triple Diamond Pawn and Jewelry Ken Conn.

Jesse Ladnier said he doesn't get paid time off. Working as a deck hand he gets time off, but only when the fishing season slows down.

"Some people need the time off. Some people can't afford it. It'd be nice to have paid time off. Yea I'd love it. But this time of year you can't do it," said deckhand Jesse Ladnier.

Russia and Sweden offer at least 20 days of paid time off. Paid vacation or not many people say they are thankful for a steady paycheck.

"I'm lucky to have a job. Everyone's lucky that has a job. I'm grateful of it regardless," said firefighter Nick Dubuisson.

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