A walking labor of love for Harvey victims

A walking labor of love for Harvey victims

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - On this Labor Day, about 50 people decided to conduct a labor of love for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The organization Gulf Coast United sponsored a walk in Gulfport that stretched from Jones Park to the Courthouse Road pier. And participants came bearing gifts from the heart.

"Bring hygiene products, baby items, water, school supplies. That's all that's needed to participate in the walk," explained Rebecca Bennett with Gulf Coast United.

Cash, of course, is also welcome.

"We felt that it was urgent for us to do the best we can to make some type of token to send to those folks to give them a little bit of relief," said Ron Molesbee with Gulf Coast United.

That token included plenty of shoe leather pounding the pavement on a warm morning.  No one seemed to mind, including participant Jeanette Dixon.

"Seeing these people lose everything, it brings me back to that. The just not knowing what's going to happen next," Dixon said.

Many of the walkers went through Katrina 12 years ago, and the recollections of those trying times are never far away.

"It does bring up the same kind of memories, you know," Claudette Johnson said. "Just a lot of people that are in need of help, so you want to do whatever you can to support them."

"I think going through Katrina like I did, of course, they understand the pain, the suffering, and the long recovery ahead," Richard Mazur said.

Seeing the misery in Texas and Louisiana brought out special feelings for some walkers.

"We have empathy for Texas because it happened to us. And we remember the hardship that we had and we want to show some love," Lillie Nichols said.

Organizers hope to have the donations on the way to Texas and Louisiana by later this week.

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