Despite storm damage, Our Daily Bread resumes operations

Despite storm damage, Our Daily Bread resumes operations
(Photo Source: WLOX News)

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Storm damage couldn't keep the doors of Our Daily Bread in Pascagoula closed for long.

After rain damaged forced the center to shut down, organizers are back to serving food to those in need.

"We were closed Wednesday because everything was in such bad shape," said Alvin Black, a board member for Our Daily Bread. "Actually, the next two days were pretty normal."

Instead of letting a bit of misfortune keep them down, crews have patched up the ceiling to continue their mission.

"We're making due the best we can long as it doesn't start raining again," said Black.

The makeshift patch now in place is unnoticeable to patrons, who filled the building Saturday for a hot plate.

"I have a lot of these people who say that this is the only meal they get all day long," he said.

And that's enough to make the center strive to keep doors open. Behind the scenes, operators are putting together the pieces to get the damage fixed.

"We've had people come in look at AC, we've had people come and look at the roof, we've had board members come look at the the damage analyze it, and we've had people back there try to figure out how to close that source of water from coming under the foundation," added Black.

Black says he is hoping that by the grace of God, they can get the repairs they need to continue serving the community.

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