Stone Co. students learn fire safety through science

Stone Co. students learn fire safety through science

STONE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Some students are going into the Labor Day weekend with a better understanding of the dangers fires can present.

The students at Stone Middle School could see the flames, smell the smoke, and come away from the lesson with a new understanding of how quickly fires can spread.

Science teacher Tanya Rae Adams approached Wiggins Fire Chief Jody Hatten with a request to bring her students outside the classroom with a lesson that could put science and fire safety together.

"He had an excellent idea to tie in the two with his dollhouse simulation, and so, therefore when he does his training, he teaches on the chemical and physical changes and properties," said Adams.

Hatten jumped at the chance to spread a message of safety. His department built small scale wooden houses and lit fires inside them to show the destructive power flames have. He knows these middle schoolers are almost past the days of just hearing the standard instruction to get out of a house that's on fire.

"Kids don't want to just know why. They want to know how and what's happening and not just tell them what to do, and so, if they can visualize and see the effects the fire and the smoke is having on the house, they understand it more than just knowing they have to do something," said Hatten.

He hopes by showing the students an example of the power of flames and the devastation they can cause, maybe it's a lesson that will stick.

"The earlier they learn it, the better off everybody is. They'll carry that on into adulthood," said Hatten.

Adams partners with the fire department each year to teach her students the important lesson.

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