Storm topples power lines in Gulf Park Estates

Storm topples power lines in Gulf Park Estates

A strong storm raced through Gulf Park Estates in Jackson County on Wednesday; toppling trees, damaging homes and taking down power lines.

Gary Reid, Sr. was working with a paint crew at a house on Point Aux Chenes when he heard an unmistakable roar.
“And that's exactly what it sounded like, a train. And then you could see the wind and trees snapping and the sparks flying from the power lines. It was bad, and that's when we run inside,” Reid said.
A tree landed on two of Randy Swann's vehicles.
“It was intense man. It came in fast, it had a roaring sound. Me and my wife, and my oldest daughter, we got to safety real quick. We all gathered in the bathroom and tried to just take cover,” said Swann.

Despite the widespread damage throughout Gulf Park Estates, there were no reports of injuries. Jackson County supervisor Randy Bosarge was on the scene surveying the damage.

“A lot of trees are down in the street and we lost power on some of the area here. But thank goodness so far, nobody's gotten hurt. No serious injuries,” Bosarge said.
Trees seem to be the biggest target of the damaging storm winds, with many limbs snapped. But in some cases the saturated ground caused trees to be uprooted by the wind.
“We've been looking around, we've been trying to assess whatever we've got,” said Sheriff Mike Ezell, “So far, it's just been some trees down some cosmetic damage. We're still checking it out. We don't know everything, but we're working on it.”
Jackson County Emergency Manager Earl Etheridge says there were 54 reports of damaged property in Gulf Park Estates, which includes homes, sheds, fences and vehicles.

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