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Chief Says Bank Robbery Suspect Was Assaulted, Possibly Robbed Himself

Police found Leroy Stallworth in his Pascagoula hotel room Thursday morning, shot in the leg and in need of medical attention.

"Yes, it's very bizarre," Moss Point Deputy Chief Demetrius Drakeford said.

What police say they didn't find was the stolen money. Police Chief Michael Ricks says Stallworth himself may have been robbed.

"It's not in his personal possession at this time," Drakeford said.

Or they say Stallworth might have been a victim to yet another crime.

"We did find a very small amount of U.S. currency on the outside of the room. On the inside of the room we found a small amount of narcotics, crack cocaine. That's what led us to believe that it could have possibly been a narcotics transaction that went wrong."

Police are still searching for clues to find out who assaulted Stallworth and why.

"Witnesses gave us information that they saw four to five black unidentified males departing from the scene."

Although Thursday's shooting just adds one more case for police to investigate, officers say they are glad this case helped them find their primary suspect from another.

"The fact of the matter is, once the criminal commits these crimes, they go back to the criminal nature. They put themselves in a criminal element and there's no honor amongst these. They always come up one way or the other."

Stallworth is in jail in Moss Point charged with armed robbery and carjacking. He is being held on a $100,000 bond.

By Jaimee Goad

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