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Local Charities Win Big At Insurance Tournament

On a diamond marked field two, a team wearing tie-dyed shirts huddled together for a pre-game pep talk. Sally Newton was on that team.

"We won two years ago here in Biloxi. So we're ready to keep that title this year," she proudly boasted.

On field one, Ari Greebel belted a home run. And then he met the media.

"It's all about the fun," the Weis region player said. "One of the things we tell new people in the office is we work hard, but we play even harder."

This was the second time in three years the UGA insurance group hosted its national conference in Biloxi. This year's tinerary included a rather spirited wiffle ball tournament.

Listen to what UGA organizers did. They had every insurance region compete in athletic events. Wiffle ball on a hot Thursday afternoon. Beach volleyball the night before. The winning teams from the volleyball matches donated more than $50,000 to local charities.

"It's just a part of who we are," said Troy McQuagge.

The insurance group's president said in this case, the real winners were the Boys and Girls Clubs, Nativity BVM Church, and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

"We feel like that's what we do in our business. We try to be good community and corporate citizens," McQuagge said. "When we move to an area like this for a meeting, we want to make sure that we give back to the community that welcomes and hosts us."

The unsolicited gifts insured that the agents at Hiller Park, and the charities surrounding it all came up big winners.

More than 400 insurance agents from 44 states attended UGA's Biloxi conference.

by Brad Kessie

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