Hancock County braces for Harvey's remains

Hancock County braces for Harvey's remains
Around 10,000 sandbags have already been given out in Hancock County since Friday. (Photo source: WLOX)

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - People in Hancock County are bracing for possible flooding from heavy rain and high tides, as the remnants of Hurricane Harvey head our way.

Bouts of heavy rain slammed Hancock County Tuesday afternoon. Waveland resident Pam Hinds kept a close watch on the weather because her street is prone to flooding.

"A few weeks ago, I was stranded at my house for Cindy. The streets flooded, and I didn't want to ruin my car," Hinds said.

She said most of her friends in Hancock County have all eyes on the skies and are aware of what to do during a potential flood event. Director of Hancock County Emergency Management Brian Adam is also closely monitoring what could develop out of Harvey's remains.

"We're expecting five to ten inches of rain," Adam said. "I went out this morning and the tides rose some, so we had a few streets with water."

He said 50 Hancock County streets already have seen minor flooding.

"It's nothing you can't pass through. But if it continues, and we get constant rain, we'll have more issues with street flooding," Adam said.

Since Friday at noon, sandbags have been available for residents at places like the Hancock County Horse Arena on Kiln-Delisle Road, and the old Hancock County Complex on Longfellow Road. You can also pick up sandbags at the Lakeshore Community Center, the West Hancock Fire Department and Diamondhead City Hall.

Adam said around 10,000 sandbags have already been given out. He cautions residents to stay vigilant.

"Just be prepared, if we have an on-rush of water. Know where to go, and where to get vehicles out of harm's way if that happens," Adam said.

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