Distracted driving survivors tell their stories

Distracted driving survivors tell their stories

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - We've all heard the warnings, but sometimes the message still doesn't stick. Distracted driving is extremely dangerous.

Driving is already a multitasking activity. All your senses are required to get safely from point A to point B. If you add a distraction into that mix, accidents can and will happen.

Such was the case for Pamela Broome and her husband when they were driving through Hattiesburg in 2012. A truck ran right into the back of their vehicle at a high speed.

"My husband got out and came around trying to get me to go ahead and get out of the car, which it took a few minutes. When I finally got out of the car, it was a guy in an F-150 had plowed right into the back of my car, which we ran into the car in front of us," said Broome.

The driver who ran into the back of Broome's vehicle admitted to the police that he was using his cell phone and not paying attention to the road. Broome and her husband were fortunate to make it out alive, but she hopes drivers understand that there's not always a happy ending.

"They don't realize that what they're actually driving is a weapon. It can kill somebody," said Broome.

Kevin L'adnier was driving through Mobile, AL in 2009 when he was suddenly blindsided by someone he says was looking down at his phone.

"Pickup truck ran the stop sign at about 55 mph, which was the speed limit on that road, and broadsided me in the driver's door," said L'adnier.

According to L'adnier, ever since then, he's noticed the driving public becoming worse and worse about focusing on the road.

"People just don't pay attention to their driving anymore. It's more important to have the minds on other things other than driving," L'adnier said.

L'adnier believes that mentality is exactly opposite of the mentality drivers should have when behind the wheel. The smallest distraction could lead to a huge mistake that could cost a lot of money, or even someone's life.

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