Railroad Repairs Slow Down Drivers In Jackson County

CSX crews are tearing up the old pavement at the intersection of Highway 90 and Chicot street. That is only one of five intersections being replaced before crews start 20 miles of track maintenance.

"This is getting all of the intersections opened. That way they won't have us closed down for a week and have one or two accesses," city employee Bob Ardary said.

Train traffic over the last 10 years has worn down railroad ties. A huge replacement crew will shut down dozens of intersections over a four-day period in July.

CSX expects to replace more 20,000 of railroad ties, and company officials are not even sure how many stakes they will use.

This project stretches from Gautier to the Alabama state line. City leaders know the closures and detours will be an inconvenience for drivers, but say the project is necessary.

"We realize it's going to be inconvenient to the motoring public," Gautier employee Ralph Hode said. "It's unfortunate, but they are things that have to be done."

Chicot Street will be finished by Friday afternoon, as crews continue to prepare for the next stage by dropping off thousands of railroad ties.