Salvation Army prepared to help in wake of Hurricane Harvey

Salvation Army prepared to help in wake of Hurricane Harvey

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Disaster relief teams all across the coast are preparing to head west to help our neighbors in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. One of the organizations responding is The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army's motto is doing the most good. Responding to the devastation in Texas caused by Hurricane Harvey is part of that mission.

"Right now, the Salvation Army is in there feeding rescue workers that have gone in looking for folks. The Salvation Army is providing nourishment with food and water and that sort of thing, and so we're just ready at a moment's notice," said Maj. Gary Sturdivant.

According to Sturdivant, there are more than 40 Salvation Army mobile canteen, or food pantry, trucks headed to Texas. The South Mississippi team is hard at work preparing its canteen truck while the storm is still tracking its way through Texas and possibly even back out in to the Gulf.

As the team prepares, Sturdivant can't help but think about his personal connection in Houston, making this storm hit even closer to home.

"Right now, my best friend in the whole world is the area commander in Houston, TX. I talked to him last night, and they're worried their house may flood. There he is trying to take care of him and his wife, plus his first thought is to take care of somebody else, because that's what the Salvation Army does," Sturdivant said.

Even though every storm is different and unpredictable, what never changes, according to Sturdivant, is the Salvation Army's readiness to deploy when needed.

"You just respond. You just want to make sure people are safe and make sure people are fed. This is where the rubber meets the road, man," said Sturdivant.

According to Sturdivant, the South Mississippi team is ready to respond even closer to home if heavy rains bring flooding issues to Louisiana.

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