Moss Point mayor seeks to tackle drainage issues

Moss Point mayor seeks to tackle drainage issues
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MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - When it comes to drainage, Moss Point has some work to do.

"One of the main issues were having with flooding to help with some drainage problems is some of the drains are really stopped up," said Mayor Mario King.

So much so that on a dry day like Sunday, the gutters were still filled almost to the brim.

"As you can see it's just water right here just sitting here," King said as he swished around water with a twig.

King is taking a first hand look at the issue, heading to the streets to talk with residents who have contacted him about the problem.

"We heard you saying about the drainage and stuff and you leave your number and I said I'ma pick up the phone and call him," Moss Point resident Jessaumea Williams.

She lives on Eastwood Drive, and she said it floods each time there's a heavy downpour.

"It sits right here at my driveway and it be so high and so deep," Williams said.

That causes issues for her and her neighbors, so ahead of the potential flooding this week, Williams and her kids decided to try and take matter in their own hands.

"We just lift the sewage top, took the shovel, tried to dig in there and see how much was in there, it was a lot," she said.

Sunday, the mayor got to see for himself.

It's just one stop on a week long effort to get crews to go through the neighborhoods to unclog the gutters and drains.

"I had Clear Water come out and they're using vacuum trucks to suck out drains like this with major clog issues, and we're just working together and I've got volunteers out as well as myself, that went along and cleaned up gutters on the street and clearing ditches," King said.

He and Williams hope others will join in and help too.

King said crews will be out this week working to clean more gutters and ditches. He said the city also has sandbags at the local fire station.

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