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Babysitter Charged With Capital Murder In Infant's Death

A two-month-old Jackson County baby is dead, and his babysitter is charged with murder.

Amy Wilkerson, 29, of Latimer was charged with capital murder and felony child abuse Wednesday in Pacsagoula. Jackson County's Sheriff says they suspect shaken baby sydrome.

Authorities recieved a 911 call Tuesday saying the baby wasn't breathing.

"When we got the child to the hospital, the doctors pretty much told us that he had all the symptoms of shaken baby syndrome," Sheriff Mike Byrd said.

Since then, little Triston Chinn had been in critical condition. His babysitter, Amy Wilkerson, was charged with felony child abuse.

"It's tragic because you have a 2-month-old infant that can't fend for himself," Byrd said.

When the baby died Wednesday afternoon, the charges against Wilkerson were upgraded to capital murder.

"They had taken the 2-month-old child, Triston Chinn, off of life support and he was pronounced dead."

Within hours of the baby's death, Wilkerson was brought to court. The mother of two was denied bond and sent back to jail.

"She has been placed over at the adult detention center. She will be under direct supervision and she'll be watched closely."

Wilkerson's next door neighbor, Barbara Kilpatrick, says their whole community is devestated.

"It's just a horrible thing in your community when everybody's so tight knit, it's just devestating. You know, we've known their family, our kids have all grown up together."

She says Amy is from a great family and seems to be a wonderful mom to her 3 and 7-year-old children.

"We didn't see her a lot, but we saw her children some and never saw any signs of anything. Seems to be a very good mother."

Kilpatrick says she feels for both families and calls the entire tragedy "a total loss for everybody."

Amy Wilkerson's preliminary hearing is set for August 8th at the Jackson County Courthouse.

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