Moss Point ready if Harvey's rains soak the city

Moss Point ready if Harvey's rains soak the city

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point's new mayor wants to make sure his city does whatever it can before the rains arrive to prevent potential flooding. Mario King used his Facebook page to make people aware of his city's preparations.

The mayor asked property owners to help by doing so initial clean up work around their lots. If you have limbs laying on yards or debris "where water flows, make sure those area are cleaned out," King said.

The Moss Point mayor's plan was to have crews out over the weekend to clear street drains. "We don't know when the weather will turn," he said as he walked down a street and recorded a Facebook Live message to his neighbors. "Let me know how I can help so we can keep our streets the least flooded as possible."

King's goal is to make sure rain water has somewhere to go. Otherwise, he fears another heavy downpour will create another flooding issue around town.

Moss Point has sandbags available at the downtown fire station.

"Let's do the best we can," Mayor King implored his residents. "And remember, we're going to rejuvenate Moss Point."

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