Firearms and ammo tax holiday off to good start

Firearms and ammo tax holiday off to good start

GULFPORT/BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Hunters and firearm enthusiasts crowded stores along the coast to take advantage of the special tax free holiday.

Just in time for hunting season, the Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday makes certain hunting equipment like rifles, archery gear, ammo, and holsters tax-free. Knives, hunting apparel, and fishing gear is not tax exempt.

"It's all about the hunting this weekend," said Kevin Riley. "It's all about saving the hunter, and having a great outdoors adventure, and save some money this weekend."

Riley is a manager at Dad's Super Pawn shop in Gulfport. He says people were lining up outside of his store before it opened.

Retailers say for them, this is a bigger shopping event than any other weekend.

Jason Deere, an assistant manager at Cook's Gun Shop in Biloxi, says the crowd for the Second Amendment holiday weekend is bigger than Black Friday.

"[On] Black Friday, we don't see as many people out as we do for this particular holiday," said Deere. "I think a lot of that is people are getting ready for hunting season coming up."

On the surface, seven percent may not sound like it saves a whole lot of money; however. what goes in your shopping cart makes a big difference. The more you stock up, the better you save.

"On a small sale, you know like one box of ammo type thing, you're not going to see big savings," said Deere. "But if you buy a rifle, a bag, some ammo, you'll see some pretty big savings."

According to the state department of revenue, any eligible item ordered over the phone or the internet is also tax-free, as long as its paid for and makes it to your front door before midnight on Sunday.

This is the fourth year Mississippi has honored the holiday and gun dealers say the state really hit the bulls eye.

"They know it's a great weekend for us and for them," said Riley. "We know we have a great hunting season coming up and this state is definitely a big sportsman outdoors state."

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