HCUA to sue Gulfport over garbage contract

HCUA to sue Gulfport over garbage contract

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The Harrison County Utility Authority voted to give the go ahead to its attorneys to pursue legal action against the City of Gulfport after the city broke its garbage and recycling contract with HCUA.

The decision comes one day after Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes sent a letter to the authority expressing his concerns about the ongoing feud over the contract situation.

Gulfport mayor expresses concern over possible HCUA legal action

Supervisor Marlin Ladner said it will cost the citizens of Harrison County a couple million dollars if Gulfport breaks the contract.

Hewes says he doesn't want a lawsuit, but the city will go on its own in solid waste pickup with Waste Pro instead of the new contract that HCUA signed with Team Waste and Pelican Waste. Hewes said in his letter only tax payers will suffer if legal action is taken.

"Normally, people argue over the costs of a contract before they sign it. HCUA adopted its contract over a month ago knowing full-well what the costs and provisions would be," said Hewes. "Basically, board members are upset that Gulfport was able to negotiate a better contract for its citizens regarding solid waste collection. Now, HCUA wants us to pay for their poor negotiation."

According to the HCUA contract with Team Waste and Pelican Waste, trash and recycling pickup will run once a week starting Oct. 1. Residents in Harrison County, excluding Gulfport, have already started receiving new garbage and recycling carts.

Gulfport inked its deal with Waste Pro last month. Under that contract, trash pickup will be twice a week with recycling pickup every other week. Gulfport's deal will cost customers about three cents more a month that the HCUA deal.

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