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Supervisors Say Businessman Must Build New Shop On Pilings

A Hancock County businessman who wants to build an air conditioning and heating shop on the Kiln-Waveland cut-off Road got approval to move forward with his project, but with several stipulations.

County Supervisors voted Wednesday to allow Sam Hilton of "Sam's Heating and Air" to build a building as long as it is on pilings.

Residents in the area had complained that too many businesses have started to pop up around a residential neighborhood. They also expressed concerns about a flooding problem in the area.

"All these businesses being added is just making my flooding problem worse, along with everybody else. I mean, places that haven't received any water in the past, now are starting to. This area is the bottom of a bowl. It is extremely low and any kind of build up any where around us, it's just going to make it worse," Hancock County resident Roxzana Moore said.

The stipulation to build on pilings will create a problem for businessman Sam Hilton. He had planned to put up a metal building, which are usually built on concrete slabs.

Right now, Hilton says he is weighing his options before deciding whether to proceed.

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