Biloxi police still investigating source of threatening email to school

Biloxi police still investigating source of threatening email to school

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi schools were on high alert Tuesday after the district received an anonymous email threatening violence. Educators enacted all safety protocols that included an email to parents notifying them of what was going on. Some parents said they're pleased with the district's quick action.

"Oh my God. I hope the kids are okay. And I hope nothing really bad happened and it just was the email," said Aubrey Redmon, who is a parent of a student at Biloxi schools.

More than 6,000 parents received the email telling them about a threatening email the Biloxi School District received.

"I've had updates like PTO meetings and stuff like that, but this is the first time I got something concerning safety," said parent Jesse Taylor.

School officials told parents the district increased police presence and Biloxi PD never had reason to believe this was a credible threat.

Though parents said they were concerned, they said the email let them know the district was taking the right action.

"I feel like they probably didn't need people bombarding them with calls. If it would have been something serious hopefully they would have reached out to parents or dismissed school or whatever they felt necessary," said Jennifer Tarpley who was waiting in line to pick up her children.

Biloxi Schools Superintendent Arthur McMillan wouldn't go into detail about the email but said it was enough to enact safety protocols at all eight of the Biloxi School District schools.

"Anytime something happens we're going to treat it with the respect it deserves, whether it's credible or not. We went on high alert today. We made sure our buildings were rechecked," said McMillan.

According to McMillan, the high alert isn't as serious as a lock down usually enacted when a dangerous individual could be nearby.

"I think they did a pretty good job," said Redmon.

The email also told parents to remind their children about reporting any suspicious, threatening or unusual activity.

"They're our first eyes and ears out there. If they'll let us know we can have the correct person look into and investigate. I think that's something we need to do to protect our students and our community," said McMillan.

Biloxi police are still investigating the source of the email. They found no suspicious activity on any of the campuses.

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