Sailors spruce up Kiln volunteer fire station

Sailors spruce up Kiln volunteer fire station

KILN, MS (WLOX) - On Saturday, sailors worked to help spruce up a volunteer fire department in Hancock County.

The Kiln volunteer fire station now looking a lot cleaner all thanks to chief petty officer selectees.

"At this fire station, this firefighters here work long hours and we wanted to come here and refurbish their facilities as much as we could," said one volunteer.

From rolling the paint brush over areas in need of a touch up, to giving all the trucks a bath, the sailors worked to do everything they could to make sure the station was in tip top condition.

Every so often, the sailors will offer their services in exchange for mandatory volunteer hours. It's something that Assistant Fire Chief Patrick Chief looks forward to. One of his favorite parts is seeing kids lend a helping hand as well.

"Ninety percent of the younger kids are actually from the military families, and I think it's awesome that they involve them also," said Chief.

Fire Chief Petty Officer Selectee Juan Arradondo says it's a great way of bringing everyone together.

"It feel's really good bringing the community and the families together. The firefighters and the families are all coming together as one," said Arradondo.

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