Some coast schools not allowing students to see eclipse

Some coast schools not allowing students to see eclipse
Some students on the Coast will stay inside for the solar eclipse on Monday. (Photo source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - All over North America, people are getting pumped up for the solar eclipse happening next week, but some Coast schools are concerned about the safety of students during the event.

Jennifer Pyron with Biloxi Public Schools says after talking to local doctors and listening to national experts, the Biloxi Public School System has decided the risk is too great for their students.

"Our teachers will have all of our lesson plans working around the eclipse" said Pyron. "We'll make sure to take full opportunity of this experience and let the children experience live streaming in our classrooms, and also through their classwork. We've heard about all of the glasses recalled, some of the unofficial glasses. We also know there's a danger with children looking over their glasses taking their glasses off."

Out of an abundance of caution, other school systems are following suit, including Ocean Springs and Hancock County school districts.

"We don't feel comfortable letting them outside during the eclipse," said Pyron. "We'll gear all our activities inside from noon to 2 p.m."

Around the Coast, people have been making a mad dash for the official NASA-approved glasses in order to view what many consider one of nature's most awe-inspiring sights. 
The demand for glasses appears higher than the supply.

But Pyron says the Biloxi School District didn't want to take any chances.

"With 6,000 students, there's no way to guarantee safety."

NASA says it's never safe to look directly at the sun in the phases before and after the full eclipse.

If you're still looking for a pair of solar eclipse glasses, you can score a pair today at Gulfport Public Library. The library will hand out one pair of glasses per person to anyone who watches their program on the eclipse. The program is at 11 a.m. Saturday and noon on Monday.

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