Biloxi police officer, suspect injured during chase

Biloxi police officer, suspect injured during chase

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - An Ocean Springs man was arrested Friday after a chase in Biloxi.

According to Biloxi Police Lt. Christopher DeBack, Garnell Linwood Curley Jr. was the driver of a silver Chevy pickup involved in narcotic activity at Division and Lameuse streets.

After checking the truck's license plate, officers learned the truck was stolen out of Mobile, Ala.. When officers attempted to arrest Curley, he allegedly ran away.

One officer tried to use his to stop Curley with a stun gun, however, he continued running eventually hiding under a piece of debris in someone's backyard off Lameuse Street. When the officers caught up with him, an officer pointed his firearm at Curley while asking him to get on the ground.

DeBack said at this point Curley was walking toward the officer. The officer grabbed him, but Curley allegedly tried pulling away. At that moment, the officer, who was still holding his gun, accidentally discharged it in the air away from both men. The other officer on scene was able to use his stun gun on Curley to make the arrest.

Once arrested, DeBack said officers found Curley in possession of drug paraphernalia. Both the officer and Curley had minor injuries following the scuffle. Curley was hospitalized and released. Two others who were in Curley's vehicle were taken into custody for questions surrounding the stolen vehicle.

Charges are pending an investigation. Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call Biloxi Police 392-0641.

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