Edgewater stores run out of eclipse glasses

Edgewater stores run out of eclipse glasses

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Edgewater Mall also gave away eclipse glasses earlier today. But, not everyone who wanted a pair got one.

People hoping to get a pair of solar eclipse glasses stood in line for hours. Stores waited until noon to give away the free specs, but they were gone within minutes.

"I received the last two glasses, and I am so lucky and it's just wonderful," said one shopper.

Many others weren't as lucky.

Ten stores each had about 200 pairs of glasses to give away. Linda Dobson says she was toward the front of the line when she found out there weren't any left.

"The 100 count was long past us and after they handed out tickets to, I don't know, maybe 50 or 60 people, they said they were out of glasses," said Dobson.

The crowd cleared out the instant all of the glasses were gone. Those who managed to get the paper specs can't wait to see the historic event.

"My husband and I will look at the eclipse on Monday, we're looking forward to it," said another shopper.

Although a fun, historic event for many, it can be a dangerous one if the sunglasses are not worn.

"There will be no point when it is safe to take off your eclipse glasses here. It's also important to realize that only eclipse glasses are the safe way to look at the sun," said Dr. Debra LapRad.

Those who weren't able to get a pair of glasses, can take a look at DIY methods that ensure safe viewing.

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