Moss Point wins $50,000 for healthy initiatives

Moss Point wins $50,000 for healthy initiatives

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - The City of Moss Point received a big grant from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation for being named "Mississippi's Healthiest Hometown."

On Thursday, committee members met to decide what to do with the $50,000 prize.

"All sorts of things the city has done to improve the health of its residents, encourage them to engage in behavior that would improve their individual health and improve the health of our community," said Healthy Hometown committee member Felicia Yearwood.

Things like a smoking ordinance, and a farmers market are examples of initiatives put in place to promote healthy living in the city.

Moss Point also held the healthy hometown title in 2014. They used some of that grant money to build a fitness zone and pave the way for this walking track.

Committee members say the goal for the 2017 prize is to add new resources that promote a healthier lifestyle, as well as improve what is already there.

"We want to expand on that and create state of the art facilities that people can be proud of and want to engage in healthy

The city has to sponsor a public celebration for receiving the award by Nov. 1.

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