Bye Bye Birdie opens at Gulfport Little Theatre

Bye Bye Birdie opens at Gulfport Little Theatre

GULFPORT, MS - The 1960-61 Tony award winning musical 'Bye Bye Birdie' was inspired by Elvis Presley and the story surrounding his draft notice into the Army in 1957.

It's a classic musical comedy, and Gulfport Little Theatre is presenting its version of of the popular show through Aug. 27.

The setting is Sweet Apple, Oh. where some small town lives are about to get shaken up when Conrad Birdie - played by Sami Sabbagh - shows up. Getting the rock star and heart throb there was part of Albert Peterson's plan. Peterson was convinced that he can make his fortune and marry his girlfriend Rosie if he gets Conrad and one of his biggest  fans on the Ed Sullivan show.

Taylor Barnes plays Albert and Jordan Bell plays Rosie.

At the center of the huge publicity stunt is small town girl Kim MacAfee, played by Megan Walters. Kim is the fan club member who is randomly selected to receive a goodbye kiss from the rock star on live television before he is drafted. It creates problems with her boyfriend, Hugo, played by Christian Longino.

In addition to upsetting romantic relationships, Conrad's visit to Sweet Apple sends the conservative town into a tailspin. Teenage girls are falling for his charms as their parents try to protect them from his swiveling hips. But in the end, romance wins.

Bye Bye Birdie runs August 18-20 and August 25-27. For tickets call 228-864-7983 or visit

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