Moss Point Mayor's Youth Council elections aim to teach democratic process

Moss Point Mayor's Youth Council elections aim to teach democratic process
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MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point city leaders are revamping the Mayor's Youth Council. The first step - picking who will serve in the leadership roles.

The halls of Moss Point High school transformed into a polling precinct Tuesday. Lines of students cast ballots under the watchful eyes of leaders from city hall, who took a break from their busy schedules to oversee elections.

"We get to work with the mayor and we get to make a difference in our school," said 9th grader Avery Turner.

Youth council leaders are elected by the student body. Instead of wards, aldermen are chosen from each grade and students are elected a mayor.

"I think this is something very positive for us," said Youth Council mayoral candidate, Javon Williams.

The election is more than just an additional extracurricular activity. It allows students to become familiar with the democratic process.

"There's a huge lack of voter turn out in Moss Point, and we have to catch people where they are and we have to start young," said King. "By developing students, and catching them right now, and getting them into the groove of voting, it'll become a habit for them."

Something those running for youth council leadership positions agree on.

"They say every vote counts, so we need the students to see the process and know how it's ran," said Youth Council mayoral candidate Matthew Sellers, who went on to win the election.

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