The Stables will stay open; agrees to tone down

The Stables will stay open; agrees to tone down

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - It was a rough first anniversary welcome for owners of The Stables on Seaman Road in Vancleave. But, the special events venue has a reprieve for another year by the Jackson County Planning Commission.

Wednesday was the year review mandated by the Jackson County Planning Commission. Some of the same residents who objected to the events venue a year ago, were at the meeting; as well with a laundry list of complaints - mostly about noise.

"As it's turned out, in addition to a few of the quieter daytime events, the barn and grounds are also being used as a nighttime party barn," said resident Mary Bartkiewicz.

Added Michelle Carroll, "I was walking up the path to my front door and the music was so loud, I could actually hear, feel it, thumping."

The more than half million-dollar barn renovation by Anthony Desporte hosts special events such as weddings, family reunions, birthday parties and bridal showers. He says the business is not only a community service, it's also an economic generator.

"They're staying at exit 50. They're eating at the restaurants, they're staying at the hotels," Desporte said. "We're employing our local caterers as well, your local florists. Your local people are actually getting jobs off of what we're doing here."

Desporte received a special exception to develop the barn if it met certain criteria such as security present, music stopping at 10 p.m., and events over by midnight.

While most agreed that the stipulations were met, and that Desporte has been receptive to neighbor complaints, there are still problems.

"The alcohol issue is a very serious," Bartkiewicz said. "It considerably raised the risk of intoxicated drivers leaving events and driving on busy Seaman Road,"

But, not every resident agreed.

"This is not a location where high school kids are throwing wild parties until late into the night," said Brandi Johnson. "The Stables is a location that creates magical memories for so many special moments in life."

Desporte agreed that he would take the noise level down to accommodate residents.

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