The Elvis Presley-Biloxi connection

The Elvis Presley-Biloxi connection

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Fans of the late King of Rock and Roll are commemorating the 40th anniversary of Elvis' death during annual Elvis Week festivities.

While people from all over the world flock to Memphis to remember Elvis, who died on Aug. 16, 1977, Biloxi's Martha Ebberman has fond memories of being stage with him.

"This is the only picture I have with Elvis. I sang with him for about a year and a half. This picture was taken at the Jimmy Rodgers Memorial Day in Meridian," said Martha Ebberman.

Ebberman's father Yankee Barhonovich  was a promoter who brought a young Elvis Presley to Biloxi.

Oddly enough, her dad doubted Presley's potential. Martha knew he was destined to be a star.

"My daddy said, 'He's not going to go anywhere.' I said daddy, you're wrong about this one. Book him in Biloxi and see. Sure enough, he booked him at the lodge. He booked him and he took off. I knew it," Ebberman said.

Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich also had close encounters with Elvis. Gilich's family owned a store on Porter Avenue and he was called on to rescue Elvis.

"When he was in town I would go bang on the back door and get him out. All the girls in neighborhood would come and take pictures. There are a lot of numbers like this floating around," Gilich said.

Elvis Presley loved the Ocean Springs area, and spent a lot of time in Gulf Hills.

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