Moss Point Working To Solve Long-Term Drainage Problems

Tuesday, Sherman Wiley was busy putting up a new mailbox. His old one floated away during Tropical Storm Cindy. And the April showers took his car out of commission.

It's just another day in the life of this Rose Drive resident.

"When it rains, you just roll your pants up, get your work gear, wade from out here and go on into work," Wiley says.

Shirley Lett says she can tell you the whole history of Rose Drive. And that it doesn't take a lot of rain for her home to get water.

"You can take a boat and come on down through here and never touch the cement," Lett says.

"The problem's got to be in the main drainage. It's not the drainage on Rose Drive stopping up. The water's running back this way."

"Something needs to be done about this area right here," Wiley says.

Moss Point's new Mayor Xavier Bishop says something will get done.

"It's my desire to solve this problem as quickly as we can. But given the nature of it and the need to identify the problem and marshal the resources to come up with a solution, I'm afraid it's going to take longer than just a few days," Bishop says.

Wiley's listening.

"I've got confidence in the system," Wiley says.

But Lett's not too sure why it's taken so long.

"This problem should have been solved years ago."

She's confident the city can put a plug in it once and for all.

"If they can get together and put their heads together, I'm sure they can work out something," Lett says.

"It's not only realistic, but it's achievable. And it's one that we will come up with," Bishop promises.

The mayor says he's already asked the county to help fund infrastructure and maintenance work on city roads.