First responders train for disaster on the tracks

First responders train for disaster on the tracks

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - First responders from several cities in South Mississippi gathered Tuesday for a training session on what to do in case of a train collision.

"It takes over a mile for a train to stop with emergency braking," said AMR Clinical Education Manager Joel Elzie.

Elzie assesses a mannequin used to train first responders from all over the coast on what to do in case the worst happens.

"If something happens on an AMTRAK train, you're looking at a lot of injured passengers," said Elzie.

AMR officials aren't the only ones taking part in the three-day training session. Firefighters from Pass Christian and Biloxi fire departments were right up front to learn the different techniques used to save lives.

"If there are employees and even passengers that are injured, we teach them how to access the train, going through windows, certain things to look for," said Elzie.

The session also trains the responders on how to take preventative measures to stop an accident from occurring in the first place.

"If there is an issue or even a vehicle stuck on the track, we can call the hospital and call the train personnel and say, 'Hey, can you slow down the train?' if it's coming," Elzie concluded.

AMR officials want to remind everyone to pay attention anytime you're near a railroad crossing.

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