Summer Campers Making Music

They banged on the snare drum and puckered-up for a turn on the trumpet. About two dozen D'Iberville summer campers enjoyed a musical instrument workshop Tuesday.

"Get a good pucker! Put your lips inside there. Real deep breath. Pucker them up, just like you did," said Monica Crowell, as she coaxed the most from her aspiring musicians.

"Yeah! You hear how high that note was?," asked the music instructor.

Miss Monica introduces and demonstrates.

"So I might squeak," she says, before warming up on the clarinet.

"And, here's a trumpet," she explains, while making music with the brass instruments.

Her young students are eager to give it a shot.

"Not a kiss. We don't want a kiss pucker. We don't want to pucker that way. We want to, there you go, blow," said Monica to a young girl giving the trumpet a try.

It's not easy making music.

Haley Wetzel did pretty good her first try.

"It's a lot of hard work. It takes lots of breath and takes hard work and you've just got to practice," said the young summer camper.

The snare drum proved popular. No puckering required.

"I'd like to play the drums. Because I get to beat on stuff," Dalton Pigford explained.

"Put your lips inside the mouthpiece. Pucker, come on," coaxed Miss Monica.

Michael Smith proved quite proficient on the trumpet.

"I don't know. I just started blowing," he reasoned.

Blowing isn't always enough.

"It's tougher to make a sound on a flute," said Miss Monica, after several kids tried and failed on the flute.

That's why there's always the snare drum. Or xylophone.

"They just have a lot of fun and there's a lot of things they don't know and I like being able to introduce them to music and a lot of different aspects of it," said Monica Crowell.

Crowell does about eight to ten music instrument workshops each summer. She's got a bachelor's degree in music education and works fulltime as a bookkeeper at Mississippi Music.