Scouts celebrate Camp Wilkes' 75th anniversary

Scouts celebrate Camp Wilkes' 75th anniversary

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Camp Wilkes opened in 1938 as a complex south of Biloxi's back bay to give Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts an outdoor venue to help them enrich their scouting experiences. Four years later, Keesler Field opened, forcing Camp Wilkes to relocate to an 89 acre lot north of the back bay. The concept for that land north of the bay was simple. Develop a wooded area that could accommodate the needs of the local scouts where local leaders could take their youngsters camping.

Prior to the development of current Camp Wilkes site in 1942, local organizations had to travel to New Orleans to camp.

The camp has cabins and bunk beds. It has pavilions. It also has a pool, and a view of the back bay that allows campers to enjoy water activities.

August 13 marks the 75th anniversary of Camp Wilkes at its current location. And a celebration will take place Sunday on Camp Wilkes Road to mark this milestone. The party is from 1:00-5:00 at the scouting facility. A formal ceremony will open Sunday's birthday festivities. Once they're finished, and the birthday cake is cut, tours of the grounds will be offered.

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