Heavy rains bog down east Biloxi road work

Heavy rains bog down east Biloxi road work

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Progress is slowly picking back up in east Biloxi as months of wet weather have drenched and delayed construction.

There's no doubting that these east Biloxi neighborhoods have serious issues when it comes to drainage. That's the whole point of this huge $355 million infrastructure project; improve the drainage.

So, what happens when you dump heavy rains on an area that already drains poorly and now is under construction?

This summer has seen record rainfall, and it's meant a delay in this road project. According to Oscar Renda, the contractor working through it all, the project has been pushed back by at least a month.

The folks who travel these streets every day have mixed emotions about the conditions of their roads.

"The progress is a little bit better than what it once was. I know that all of this bad weather is bringing some delay, but I will give them credit. They are actually doing the best they can do, given the situation. But, as far as liking it? No, I don't," said Aaron Monroe.

"Over the past year it's gotten a little better, because before it was just gravel, and it was tearing up a lot of cars, a lot of wear and tear. But, I see a lot of progress ever since Mayor Fofo Gilich was elected. He's held up his promises, and it's gotten better," said Jared Ramsey.

Oscar Renda officials wouldn't comment on a new time line for the project, and with the uncertainty of South Mississippi weather, a solid schedule is likely going to be hard to pin down at this point.

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