Long Beach city leaders explore budget cuts, tax abatements

Long Beach city leaders explore budget cuts, tax abatements

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Just a few months into a new administration, Long Beach city leaders are trying to find ways to increase revenue. That means going to each department and asking them to cut out what they can. It may also mean not filling some empty positions.

Aside from budget cuts here and there, city leaders have been looking to the east for inspiration. Mayor George Bass believes the city of Gulfport's tax abatement program may be great for stimulating growth on Highway 90 and increasing overall revenue.

"I mean, all you have to do is drive down Hwy 90 and you see whats going on. There are different people out there building 400, 500 and $600,000 homes," said Mayor Bass. "We still have properties on Hwy 90 that were residential areas where we had homes on the beach front."

City leaders plan to research their options further before making any type of official vote on budget cuts or tax abatements. That includes looking at the city's finances in the past and how Gulfport has handled its tax breaks for those who bought property.

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